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The Adrian Gonzalez Case

The Monterey Bay Justice Project produces a podcast examining California’s Proposition 57 and youth interrogations.

By Aaisha Ahad and Vai Thompson

Listen to the Monterey Bay Justice Project podcast here.

Medical Care Issues in California Prisons

The Monterey Bay Justice Project publishes a three-part investigative series on elder and end-of-life care for California inmates.

By Sam Robinson and Erin Dobrzyn

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The Thembekile Molaudzi Case

South Africa’s Constitutional Court overturns the life sentence and conviction of Thembekile Molaudzi, who was imprisoned for 11 years for a murder he did not commit.

By Carolyn Raphaely

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The Irvin Carter Jr. Case

Questions are raised about the evidence used in the 2008 murder conviction of Irvin Carter Jr., who claims he’s innocent in the killing of Julius James Williams.

By Danielle Burch, Brittany Hale, Eva Revear, Joanna Sappenfield and Chelsea Vitone

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The Malcolm Scott and Demarco Carpenter Cases

A judge vacates the convictions of two Tulsa men who served more than 21 years for a murder they did not commit.

By W. Kevin Armstrong

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The Jennifer Del Prete Case

How a murder case hinged on expert witnesses. The Medill Justice Project investigation of a shaken-baby syndrome case raises questions about the role of expert testimony.

By Christina Assi, Rebecca Cohen, Anika Dutta, Stephanie Fuerte and Alex Hampl

Read The Medill Justice Project story here.

The Chad Enderle Case

How an Iowa murder case turned on a fingerprint found on a cigarette box. Broader questions are raised about fingerprint analysis in U.S. criminal cases. At the scene of an Iowa murder, police found a cigarette box with a fingerprint in what appeared to be blood. That print was used to link the crime to Chad Enderle.

By Susan Du, Stephanie Haines, Gideon Resnick and Tori Simkovic

Read The Medill Justice Project story, first published as a two-part series in the Quad-City Times Dec. 22 and Dec. 23, 2013, here.

The Pamela Jacobazzi Case

Twenty hours after a 10-month-old infant was airlifted in critical condition to Lutheran General Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge, Ill., a doctor examined his damaged eyes through a hand-held lens, identifying the telltale signs of what is known as shaken-baby syndrome. What could not be foreseen were significant developments in the medical understanding of this form of child abuse over the next 18 years, which cast doubt on the infant’s diagnosis and the criminal proceedings that followed.

By Mitchell Armentrout, Timna Axel, Lynne Fort, Janice Janeczko, Erin Kim, Valerie King, Joseph Lumley, Safiya Merchant, Ashley Powell and Miranda Viglietti

Read The Medill Justice Project story here.

The Donald Watkins Case

Six Medill students supported by the Medill Innocence Project, now called The Medill Justice Project, obtained medical records never raised at trial that call into question whether a Chicago man convicted of murder in 2007 could have committed the crime. Students tracked down a key eyewitness, a known drug addict who gave conflicting statements about the night of the crime.

By Alex Campbell, Jared Hoffman, Caitlin Kearney, Monica Kim, Taylor Soppe and Lara Takenaga

Read The Medill Justice Project story here.

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