The Journalism Justice Network (JJN) offers members an international community of journalists who examine potentially wrongful convictions. JJN also offers a visiting scholars and training program for journalists who are interested in learning more about pursuing this public service. Please contact us for information. Members can access online resources for journalists investigating potentially wrongful convictions by clicking here and entering the password given to them after they join JJN.

Membership to the Journalism Justice Network is contingent on accepting the following code of ethics. If you are interested in becoming a member, please email your written acceptance of the code to and we will review your request.

Journalism Justice Network Code of Ethics

As members of the Journalism Justice Network, all of our journalism must meet the standards in this code.

I commit to honesty and fairness and to not plagiarize.

I further agree to avoid conflicts of interest or to identify conflicts or potential conflicts if they cannot be avoided. In addition, I will encourage those who have concerns about my work to voice their concerns, and if they are valid, I will address those concerns in appropriate fashion, including correcting any mistakes as soon as possible.

Because it is impossible to list every possible permutation of situations that might arise, the journalism standards and definitions in this code are not all-inclusive.

Penalties for code violations range from letters of warning to exclusion from the Journalism Justice Network.

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